Armasight OPMOD Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 3-12×42 Weapon Sight

Armasight OPMOD Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 3-12x42 Weapon Sight
Armasight OPMOD Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 3-12x42 Weapon Sight
Armasight OPMOD Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 3-12x42 Weapon Sight

Armasight OPMOD Zeus 3 Thermal Imaging 3-12×42 Weapon Sight

Product Info

Product Info

The OPMOD Armasight Zeus 3 thermal rifle scope is the pinnacle of high end low light/no light thermal rifle scope technology. Unlike standard night vision technology, no amount of camouflage or tactics will allow you to hide from a thermal imaging device like the OPMOD Armasight Zeus 3. Whether you're hunting the feral pig population during the cover of dark or safeguarding your livestock from pesky coyotes, thermal is the way to go. The OPMOD Armasight Zeus 3 features the premier FLIR camera for the highest performance. The FLIR core technology offers excellent thermal sensitivity and image quality. The OPMOD Zeus 3 offers a large 42mm objective made of germanium to give users the best sight picture possible. All this performance means nothing if you can't protect it, the OPMOD Armasight Zeus 3 is built around an aircraft grade aluminum housing to safeguard the essential components. The sky's the limit when it comes to reticle and image color options, giving you over 30 different reticle and image palette combinations.


Specifications for OPMOD Armasight thermal Imaging Riflescope - Zeus 3:

Magnification (NTSC/PAL):2.8x
Objective Lens Type:Germanium
Type of Focal Plane Array:FLIR Tau 2
Pixel Array Format:336x256
Pixel Size:17um
Resolution, mrad:.23
Display Type:AMOLED SVGA 060
Pixel Display Format:800×600
Display Brightness:Discretely Adjustable to 8 Levels
Turn-on Time, max:3 sec
Digital Zoom:1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x
Temperature Imaging Modes (Image Palettes):White Hot, Black Hot, Fusion, Rainbow, Globow, Ironbow 1, Ironbow 2, Sepia, Color 1, Color 2, Ice-Fire, Rain, and OEM Custom Color Modes White Hot/ Black Hot/ Rainbow/ Colour
Reticle Type 6-Pattern Digitally Controlled:"Dot 4 MOA", "Line Dot", "Cross Center Dot", "Cross", "Crosshair", or "No Reticle", and "No Reticle"
Reticle Color:Black, White, Red, Cyan
Windage/Elevation Boresight Adjustment Type:Digitally Controlled
Windage/Elevation Boresight Increment:.46 MOA
Windage Adjustment Range:+-60 MOA
Elevation Adjustment Range:+-46 MOA
Output Resolution:PAL - 768×574 pixels; NTSC - 640×480 pixels
Weapon Mount Type:Picatinny MIL STD 1913 and Weaver Rails
Height of the Zeus Axis above Rail:40 mm (1.57 in)
Weight (w/o Batteries):1.8 lbs
Field of View ang. X degrees:4.3
Field of View ang. Y Degrees:3.3
Objective Focal Length:75mm
Objective F-Number:1;1.3
Eyepiece Focal Length:25 mm
Entrance Pupil Diameter:60mm
Exit Pupil Diameter:10 mm
Eye Relief:45 mm
Focus Method:Manual
Focusing Range:10 m to inf.
Diopter Adjustment:Manual
Diopter Adjustment Range:±5 diopter
Battery Two:CR 123A (2×3V)
Current Consumption, maximum:350 mA
Battery Life at 20 °C (68 °F):4 hr
External Power Supply:6 VDC/ 1 А
Operating Temperature:-40 to +50 °C (-40 to +122 °F)
Storage Temperature:-50 to +70 °C (-58 to +158 °F)
Recoil Resistance:700g
Immersion:10 m for 30 min


  • Features of OPMOD Armasight Zeus 3 Thermal Rifle Scope:

    • Multi-version with magnifications in the range of 1.5x to 7.2x
    • High-performance thermal imaging camera
    • Lightweight and robust design
    • Easy to operate
    • Manually adjustable eyepiece and objective lens
    • Real-time display
    • Adjustable display brightness
    • Selectable 6-pattern reticle including no reticle option
    • Switchable reticle color
    • Selectable image palette
    • Temperature measurement
    • Hunting scenarios function
    • Field environment corrections
    • Windage/Elevation boresighting
    • Displaying information on the current operating state (battery status, active function etc.)
    • Wireless remote control
    • Analog video input and output (NTSC/PAL)
    • Powered by two standard CR123A batteries.
    • Power input capability
    • Digital video recorder (optional)
    • Fits any Picatinny MIL STD 1913 and Weaver rail with an adjustable quick-release mount Serviceability under severe conditions
    • Filled with dry nitrogen to prevent internal fogging
    • Waterproof
    • Limited two-yearwarranty